We are a few days late with this post and it’s completely my fault! Sorry gals! I was running for Cry Ireland in a small parish called Monagea in County Limerick on Saturday and it was just a fantastic event. The amount of support for this charity was absolutely mind blowing and the crowds of cyclists, walkers and runners that turned up to rally around two families and show their support was really amazing, and it was quite emotional. The sun was high in the sky as locals got together to make the sandwiches and butter the barmbrack while thousands of people gathered before the start line and if I’m being honest, I took a complete break from Fly Away Bride as I was reminded that some things are just more important. So far, 53K has been raised and the donation cards are still being counted and there is a small community that are feeling very proud and humbled by the whole experience. Now that the dust has settled, I’ve returned to work realising I’d completely forgotten to put the finishing touches on this post and into yesterday’s schedule! Whoops!

Inspired by the festivities that come with May 5th, this Cinco de Mayo wedding inspiration board is a symphony of reds, fuschia pinks and blood oranges. You can go two ways with this theme. The first is that real outdoor fiesta with colourful lights, streams and streams of papel picado bunting, party platters of traditional Mexican food made for sharing, an all out mariachi band and tequila shot station. Great fun and a winner in our eyes but perhaps a little more suited to a party at home rather than a wedding celebration. The second, we have tried to showcase through this inspiration board. Bright and bold, we’ve tried to keep this fun theme wedding worthy and pretty and so we have sacrificed some of the obvious and loud details and instead incorporated them subtly throughout. Focus on strong colours and keep the papel picado to a motif for invitations and smaller details. Introduce succulents such as cacti, but keep the flowers big and the main feature or arrangements. Instead of shots, have well styled tequila cocktail stations in pretty glasses and for music, forgo the big mariachi band for a duet or trio.

Cinco de Mayo wedding Cinco de Mayo wedding

Cinco de Mayo Wedding Inspiration_0004

So what do you think, is a Cinco de Mayo wedding for you?

Image credits; Bouquet by Jose Villa | Fan by Aaron Delesie | Red Dress by Photographer Unknown via A Life of Beauty and Grace |Ruby Ring from Scarlett Jewelery | Chili Boutonniere via Martha Stewart Weddings | Ombre Cake by Le Blossoms |Colouful Drink Bottles via Inspired by This |Paloma Cocktail by Sweet Thing | Papel picado invitations by I Do It Yourself | Flower centrepiece by Jose Villa | Mexican Donkey by Aaron Delesie

6 Responses

  1. Sukey

    Love these colors and creativity – especially that spicy pepper bout ! What a great idea!

    • Lindsay

      They are a lot of fun aren’t they?! And a little bit different!

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