Karen and Jacob’s Amsterdam elopement was captured by the talented Jennifer Weinman. According to Jennifer, “Weddings in Holland are far more casual than in the United States, so Karen and Jacob adapted their wedding to suit their taste and some of the local traditions. We incorporated a bouquet of tulips bought from the local market to accompany photos at some of their favorite and most treasured Amsterdam locations. Their day wouldn’t have been complete without photos with their bicycles (a mainstay of Amsterdam transportation), canals, and of course, their cats!”

From Karen: “We met in graduate school at Penn State as student activists in early 2014 over concerns about student healthcare. I thought Jacob was really cute, well-spoken, and funny. From the groom “I remember the very first healthcare meeting that graduate students organised. Karen came in a bit late, but was immediately talking about the work she had done prior to arriving. I was very taken with her drive and passion. While we didn’t get a chance to talk until much later, I was very eager to give her a ride home when the opportunity presented itself. She seemed like a very interesting, smart, and outgoing person.” Karen: “After one of our meetings, he offered me a ride back to my apartment and ended up talking for hours in his car in the parking lot of my apartment. Serendipitously, we were both going to be in Italy the following month. We vowed to try to meet up and I asked him for his email. We made plans to meet up in Venice. At this point, we were virtually strangers.We met in Venice at a low-budget hostel with plans to sight-see. In Venice, we got to know each other as we explored the city. We bonded over our love of cats, literature, politics, Italy, television shows, and travel. After a lovely dinner, we both admitted that we liked each other and had our first kiss. (He had asked me politely if he could kiss me.) Afterwards, we traveled to Bologna together and had our first proper date at a restaurant serving traditional Bolognese food. After Bologna, we kissed goodbye at the train station uncertain of what would happen after the trip. Jacob left shortly after for a conference in the UK and I headed off to travel solo. We continued to email each other daily until finally we both returned to Penn State. We became a couple afterwards.About six months after dating, Jacob received a job offer to work in Amsterdam as a postdoctoral fellow in Mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. At this time, I was considering leaving my graduate program to work in industry. It was a hard decision, but I committed to moving to the Netherlands with him six months later. Jacob got his Ph.D from Penn State. Following a lot of paperwork, Jacob, myself, and a grumpy cat arrived in Amsterdam. Shortly after moving to the Netherlands, I found a job working at an international market research company.We vowed to use our time in travel more together, which resulted in visiting 17 countries together during our nearly two years in the Netherlands. In between our travels and work, we entered a registered partnership in the Netherlands on June 15th, 2016. We recently converted our registered partnership into a marriage on May 11th at the City Hall in Amsterdam. We are excited to start the next chapter as newlyweds wherever it takes us. We will have a formal celebration with friends and family in the US in the fall of 2018.” 

Photography: Jennifer Weinman Photography

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