We are rounding off the week with a particularly beautiful find, Cathy Telle wedding dress designs. Based in the Ukraine, this designer fuses beautifully soft and delicate fabrics with sweet pastel and milky tones that together form very feminine and graceful  silhouettes. I recently had the please of styling with two of her gowns and not only are they easily worn, but they flattering flow in the most elegant of ways. We have a small selection from her most recent collections to show today but there is plenty more to be seen on the website. Many of the designs are available in a multitude of colours that it will be very hard to be disappointed.

cathy-telle-wedding-dress_0001 cathy-telle-wedding-dress_0002cathy-telle-wedding-dress_0003 cathy-telle-wedding-dress_0004 cathy-telle-wedding-dress_0005 cathy-telle-wedding-dress_0006 cathy-telle-wedding-dress_0007cathy-telle-wedding-dress_0008 cathy-telle-wedding-dress_0009 cathy-telle-wedding-dress_0010

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