We are back in beautiful Italy today with this gorgeous celebration. Federica and Fabrizio’s Castello di San Sebastiano Wedding in Turin, Italy is full of beautiful hand crafted details. From the lovable pooch to dancing together in the halls of the castle, it has a stamp of homemade that is often hard to achieve. Federica swears that surrounding yourself with reliable and professional vendors is the key to a stress free wedding and we definitely agree. If these images are anything to go by, it was one chilled out and care free day, just what the couple wanted. 

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From the bride

“Fabrizio and I first met during our time in the University Polytechnic of Turin. At the beginning we were just friends, but then our friendship became something more and we’ve been together ever since. On the 30th of December in 2013, a friend of mine who is a videographer invited me to a screenplay of her last movie in the cinema of our little town. When the movie began I noticed something strange. I recognised some details of my bedroom, my parent’s hands, my mother’s tea service .. there was also a familiar voice over.. After a minute I realised that it was my husband’s voice and that the video was made by him  and he was about to propose! In the first part of the video he tells my parents that he wants to marry me and in the second part he drives from their house to the cinema with our dog Olivia. In the very last scene they enter the room, so I turned my head and I saw them walking to me. I was so excited, shocked, and happy! Then he kneeled in the centre of a heart drawn with rose petals, he gave me the ring and I said yes! After that, our closest friends and my parents entered the room with sparklers in their hands and we celebrated the moment all together.

Our wedding location was the Castle of San Sebastiano da Po, a beautiful location in Monferrato on the hills of the river Po, situated near to Turin. We knew the location very well because is just a few kilometres far from our home and we didn’t have any doubt: it’s a beautiful, romantic and dreamy place, with a stunning view on the hills, beautiful rooms, gardens and yards. Moreover the location can hold more than 150 guests, it’s suitable for different moments of the day (getting ready, the photo set, the dinner, the party) and it offers many options in case of bad weather.

The most difficult challenge during the planning phase was sticking to our budget. For this reason we did as much as possible ourselves (invitations, stationery, favours) and we were also helped also by relatives and friends (my mother made the wedding favours, my aunt helped me with hair and makeup, the barmen are friends of ours, I have a colleague who is part of a gospel choir so they sang during the ceremony). We also managed to reduce costs having dinner just with our closest relatives and friends and inviting the others for the cutting of the cake and the after party.

I wanted our wedding to be sort of shabby chic in atmosphere so we opted for peonies, roses, pastel tones, cages, lanterns and candles for our flowers and decor. For the stationery, I used a lot of kraft paper, handwritten fonts, arrows and wreaths.

One of the best decisions we made was to celebrate our wedding in the afternoon. We didn’t want the day to be too long and tiring and this way we managed to have an after dinner party that lasted until late at night. For me, the most memorable moment was when I entered the church and when we exchanged our wedding rings. The best advice I can give is to choose serious and professional vendors. This will mean you are free from worries and concerns knowing that your wedding is in good hands. They will also give you useful advice and during the day, they will help you to better manage the various moments of the wedding, your guests and any unforeseen circumstances. Above all: the day will pass very quickly, so enjoy every moment as much as you can.”

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