A Tuscan landscape has to one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen for myself and every time we feature a wedding there, it always ignites my wanderlust! Yelena and Jonathan’s Castello di Bibbione wedding was such a glamorous affair, it’s hard to know where to start. With such a stunning backdrop, they were never going to get it wrong. Married in possibly the most intimate and romantic chapel I’ve come across, their nuptials were followed by a wedding party that was full of personal touches. Perfectly planned by Cindy Salgado Wedding Design & Events and photographed by Alessandro Ghedina Photography, this wedding featured a bright purple and pink colour scheme for their tables, the coolest vintage fiat 500 and a sunset that will actually make you time out for five minutes. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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From the Bride:

“Why Italy?” was the typical question everyone asked us as soon as we decided to get married abroad. Well there are many reasons: wine, food, language, history, people, landscape. I could go on and on about all the beautiful features Italy offers. We had this grand idea of what our wedding day would look like with all that food and wine. However, now what? How do we begin to plan this special day? Specifically what location would we choose? How would we organize this day and get all our friends and relatives to come? So many questions, yet not enough time to make this day perfect. As a working couple living in US, it is just not possible to make a trip out to visit the venue and all the vendors. Well, our wedding planner, Cindy Salgado, came to the rescue and helped to make our day perfect. She worked magic, and I know the wedding day would not have turned out to be a fairytale without her. Fairytale because that’s what it was without a question. Cindy made the day flawless by managing every little detail of the ceremony, reception, and even the wedding weekend.

Our vision was a modern, chic, clean cut lines type of wedding, set on a picturesque plot of land. We would pull up in a red Fiat 500 with all of our friends and family gathered around to cheer us on for the I Dos. Well it happened.

We got married in San Casciano Val di Pesa in a little castle called Bibbione. The venue was perfect! It was small, but perfect enough to host thirty people. The Fiat was in front of the hotel ready for the drive over to Castello di Bibbione. When I arrived with my father, my guests were already in the church waiting for us. I walked in and my groom and all the people I love were listening to this beautiful violin and harp that we ordered. I walked down the aisle beaming with joy.

After our formal I Dos, we moved to the cocktail hour in front of the castle. The cocktail hour was outside. We had a signature cocktails for our wedding: Love Potion and Purple Passion were a hit at the party. They were so unique, and it was designed especially for us.

We had a photo booth and some picture stations where people could view old photos and mingle. People were awed by the beautiful background of the olive groves and the vineyards that belonged to the castle. In the midst of all the congratulations and the photos, my mother-in-law walked up to me and said: “People kept asking ‘Why Italy… and this is why” as she pointed out to the green mountains all around us. The views, the food, the drinks, the venue, the cocktail hour, the ceremony- simply stunning.

As we moved over to the courtyard, we were blown away by the sheer beauty of the dinner table. It was absolutely captivating. I couldn’t have imagined a better set-up than the one we got.

When picking out color scheme, table cloths, and flowers, I was skeptical about what it would look like. Cindy even suggested to trade a black chair to a deeper black… Isn’t a black chair, just a black chair? Apparently not! She knew what she was suggesting and why. Cindy was well aware of all the details. The guests were speechless for a few minutes after seeing the dinner table. I can’t believe people like the florist, Dario, have such talent. It was pure art.

The food was absolutely delicious! We had truffle risotto, Florentine steak, and wild boar ravioli. The courses just kept on coming and coming. The wine was getting poured with every meal. After dinner, we had cake, which was prepared live in front of all the guests. The cream and fruit was so fresh. After we cut into the cake, we were sent off into the night with sparklers and lots of champagne.

It is hard to describe and relive this special moment. It was so perfect in every way that sometimes it is difficult to find words to describe this beautiful event.”

Photographer: Alessandro Ghedina Photography // Wedding Planner: Cindy Salgado Wedding Design & Events // Flower Designers: Dario Benvenuti and Viviana Mioranza // Venue: Castello di Bibbione // Catering: Delizia Ricevimenti // Music: Alma Project // Hairstyle and Make-up artist: WeddinGlamour by Silvia Gerzeli Wedding  // Transfers & Tours: Holiday Planners

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    Thank you so much Fly Away bride for the lovely feature! and thank you Yelena & Jonathan for your trust… love working with you!!! xoxoxoxoxo


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