Tiffany and Michael, from Toronto in Canada, went on an amazing adventure for their engagement session. Because of Michael’s Italian roots, when making a decision about where to take Tiffany for the engagement trip, his first thought was Italy. They met up with Chiara Natale, based in southern Italy, who brought them on a tour of Capri and Sorrento while capturing their images. On a bright and hot day the trio started out in Capri- they walked through the alleys of the beautiful Anacapri and then arrived at Punta Tragara, where they ascended the hundreds of stairs. They then took a boat from the Faraglioni to Marina Piccola, where the panorama was stunning. At the end of their Capri journey they returned to the Caesar Augustus Hotel on top of Anacapri with the most beautiful view of the entire island. According to Chiara, “The hotel is absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g: if you come to Capri you HAVE to go there!”. The following day they set out for Sorrento where they visited Marina Grande with the port and all the old fishermen: the light was superb. They took a trip to the ancient cloister of San Francesco, dating from the 1300s, one of the most beautiful places on the Italian coast and one we have featured many weddings in- it was the perfect place for a few quiet shots. Finally they turned back to the hotel Parco dei Principi, overlooking the sea on La Marinella: a place well known in Sorrento for viewing the most beautiful sunsets. The hotel Parco dei Principi was designed by the great architect Giò Ponti and here, just like in the entire town of Sorrento, it seems that time has stopped.

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Photographer: Chiara Natale | Shoot Locations: Capri and Sorrento: Hotel Caesar Augustus (Capri) Hotel Parco dei Principi (Sorrento)

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