We love the festive look of this al fresco candlelit table set amidst the beautiful grounds of L’Andana, the setting for this styled wedding shoot. L’Andana is located in Maremma, an incredibly scenic area of Italy in the region of southwest Tuscany. The bohemian bride here carries a bouquet of Cappuccino roses, cream Lysianthus, a Protea and lots of foliage. Table florals are wild and informal with wooden wine boxes used as supports: a nod to the wine producing heritage of the Maremma region. Brass candles with golden candlesticks adds a touch of glamour, and the ornate square-tiered wedding cake recalls the Italian Renaissance. Check out more below on the thoughts behind this shoot from 3-D Events Event Planning, but first check out these images by Francesco Minucci.

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“Each of the vendors from this shoot is connected for several reasons to the extraordinary land of Maremma and willing to promote this wonderful area. Our styled shoot was inspired by the beauty and complexity of this area. It’s a less well known Tuscan region, unique because of the variety of its territory: a succession of forests of chestnuts and green fields of olive groves and vineyards that stretch to the sea. Here the natural setting merges with the fascination of history- important traces from Etruscans and Romans and quaint medieval towns spotted all over the territory, together with the signs and evidence of the Italian Renaissance.

We held the shoot at L’Andana, an exclusive resort where the scents of the Tuscan countryside blend with the fragrances of the Tyrrhenian Sea. At the end of long drive lined with cypresses and maritime pines (Andana means ‘path between two lines of trees’), guests reach L’Andana and enter a magical atmosphere. The building is a former Medici residence, standing on a hill with a magnificent view of surrounding countryside. The interior reflects both original Medici and contemporary French design sensibilities which together express the warmth of the soul of Tuscany, with its warm colors and simplicity of design highlighted by fine urban fabrics. Rooms and suites reflect the atmosphere of upscale old world country charm; where fine antiques, leathers velvets and woods combine to impart both comfort and luxury. The Tyrrhenian sea lies a few kilometers from L’Andana- a sea with crystal-clear waters and part of the reason Maremma differs from the more conventional Tuscany. For more from this shoot check out the behind the scenes video.”

Planning & Production: 3-D Events Event Planning | Concept & Styling : Isla And Smith Wedding Design | Location: L’Andana | Photography: Francesco Minucci | Floral Design: FunkyBird Wedding Design | Wedding Dress: Alta Rosa Sposa | Hair: Frank Giacone | Make up: Camilla Nesti by Frank Giacone | Model: Beatrice Turini | Wedding Stationery: We Love By Lineacolor | Cake Design: Tuscan Wedding Cake | Set Accessories: Filippo Prompergher | Videography: Miles Furnell

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