During this busy wedding season, it was great to get out over the weekend for a stroll around our local park and an even bigger treat was stumbling across a patch of beautiful Cafe au Lait dahlias. I’m so obsessed! We are getting married next summer and of course, peonies won’t be available for our wedding in August so I feel like I’ve won a little victory this week finding the perfect substitute. Most of us will have grown up with potted dahlias in our gardens and although equally as beautiful, the button dahlias or those that take a smaller form don’t quite have the same dramatic effect as the large, often aptly referred “dinner plate” dahlias that are taking centre stage in this years wedding bouquets and centre pieces.

Cafe Au Lait Dahlia_0001

Image Credits: via Once Wed |  Bryan Gardner via Martha Stewart Weddings Jessica Burke | Judy Pak via EAD

With lovely lush petals, Cafe au Lait dahlias can grow up to 30cm in diameter! Even the addition of one flower to each bouquet or centrepiece makes quite the difference if they are large enough and surrounded by lots of trailing foliage, garden roses and smaller budded blooms, you have quite the showstopper.

Cafe Au Lait Dahlia_0002

Image by Jessica Burke


Dahlias are available during the summer months of June, July and September. If you are very lucky, you might come across them in October also.


If preparing your own bridal bouquet or centrepieces, it’s important that they receive the right amount of care beforehand. They need to be well hydrated so after removing them from any packaging, cut the stems at an angle under water and remove any foliage that would otherwise rest below the waterline of your vase.


Dahlias come in a host of beautiful and bright colours but the Cafe au Lait variety are more neutral shades of creams, blush, rose, peach, champagne, and light purples.

Cafe Au Lait Dahlia_0003

Image Credits: Ashley Kelemen Jen Huang Photography

Their neutral tones mean that they work beautifully with any colour palette too!

Cafe Au Lait Dahlia_0006

Image Credit: Emily Delamater Photography

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