I am very excited today to introduce to you one of our very talented sponsors, Brosnan Photoraphic. Brosnan Photographic is run by the lovely Christina, the woman behind the lens. Christina is originally from the US and she is causing quite a buzz in the Irish wedding market with her beautiful and fresh approach to wedding photography.

Brosnan Photographic

Can you tell us a little about Brosnan Photographic and what you offer?

Yes, the name is very vague, but Brosnan Photographic is basically just Christina Brosnan. I’m a photographer whose focus is weddings. I love Love and capturing that on camera.

What is your approach to photographing weddings and what is your preferred style?

My style is natural, elegant, bespoke and a little eclectic. I like to be very discreet during weddings and let the day just happen, though I wouldn’t classify myself as photojournalistic. I think a photojournalistic style is much more edgy than mine. I like working with natural light and rarely use flash. My favourite part of the day is the time I get with the couple. My approach to working with a couple is suggestive and interactive. I feel that even if a couple is very uncomfortable in front of the camera if I keep them interacting with each other they will come across more relaxed and natural in the photos. I’m not a fan of standing still and cheesy smiles. My other favourite part of the day is the details! Details play wonders in telling the full wedding story.

Where are you based and what cities/countries are you available to for work in?

I travel worldwide! Nowhere is too far! I currently live in Kildare but meet all my clients at The Bridal Lounge in Dublin.

Do you have any tips for couples on how to get the most from their wedding photography?

Start by choosing the right photographer for you. Meet potential photographers not just to view albums but to see if you feel comfortable with them. If you don’t feel comfortable during the meeting you won’t feel comfortable on your wedding day when it really matters. Also allow enough time between the end of your ceremony and start of reception for photos. 2-3 hours between the two is a good amount. And think about the time of day you have your ceremony. If you are having a late ceremony in the winter you’re not going to get photos outside unless you do a ‘first look’.

Do you have any advice for couples planning a destination wedding?

If you’re getting married abroad this is your time to really do something different and take advantage of local tradition. Don’t just have an Irish wedding in another country, try and create something really unique.

Do you shoot engagement sessions?

Yes! Engagement sessions are a great way to get more comfortable with your photographer. I also shoot Love the Dress sessions for any couple who want more time and photos in their wedding attire!

What advice can you give to couples planning an engagement session?

Wear bold clothes and don’t stick to black. Black may be slimming but use it very sparingly. Don’t wear jeans or runners, dress up a little. Add details to your outfit, such as hairbands, jewelery that stands out, or a bright coloured bow tie for the guy. Be sure to dress in the same colour tones as each other without it looking like you are twins, but you don’t necessarily have to wear the same colours. Really style up the shoot with fun props or a theme. One of the best tips: Ladies get your hair and makeup done! You will automatically feel more confident. Have your makeup trial the same day.

Can you tell us a bit more about the person behind the lens, how did you get into photography and what are your influences?

I’ve always been an artist at heart. I like to think it’s in my blood! My photography career started in highschool (the days of film!) with my first photography class and I knew that’s what I wanted to study in college. I studied for 3 years in Chicago, during which I worked for a small portrait studio to pay my way through college. After graduating I wanted to learn more and studied for a year in Paris. When I came to Ireland I worked for a studio until deciding to go it alone. I soon realised wedding photography was a real passion and a more creative focus than studio portraits. My own wedding photography helped with that realisation. I am really inspired and driven by other photographers blogs. I am also a huge addict of wedding blogs. But I also get creative ideas from films or even tv ads! Anything with Audrey Tautou is usually inspiring!

Have you got any exciting plans that you’d like to tell us about?

Oh yes! I’m really excited about a wedding I’m photographing in the south of France in April. I’m also hosting a wedding photographers workshop in September with some fabulous guest speakers from California and London, people I really admire. The wedding industry is really a remarkable thing and I’m always getting inspired and planning my next big project!

Christina Brosnan

Make sure to visit Brosnan Photographic’s website and blog for more information and to view her beautiful work.

Update 14.02.11: Brosnan Photographic Award Winning Photography!

A big congratulation to Brosnan Photographic who won not one but two wedding industry awards last night at the Weddings Online Awards. Brosnan Photographic won Wedding Photographer of the Year 2011 and Best Wedding Supplier Overall of the Year 2011!

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    I love Christina’s work! I can’t get enough of her blog! She has great idea’s.


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