Karina and Sergey’s styled beach wedding took place along a beautiful Crimean shore. Captured by Alexander and Marina Santi, the team of vendors involved wanted to design a beach ceremony that was easy for intending couples to recreate- simple yet elegant. The wedding palette consists of neutral tones with a splash of deep orange to incorporate hints of the surrounding mountains. Alexander and Marina have this to tell us about Crimea: “This beach is one of the most sought after locations for a wedding ceremony in Crimea. Unfortunately few people can avail of this luxury because our region is such a popular tourist area and in the summer the beaches are filled with vacationers. This shoot is an exception- because it took place in April, we were able to shoot when the beaches are peaceful. Very often the weather or the remoteness of such a perfect outdoor space does not allow for a big ceremony with guests, but here it definitely can be done in a single day. We love elegant weddings for two- we can really understand the desire to exchange vows alone in a place that is important and has special meaning for a couple. There is nothing more romantic and intimate.”

Photo: Alexander and Marina Santi | Dress: Dream & Dress  | Decor: Cute Studio Décor | Makeup & Hair Styling:  Karina Lorey | Cake: Kate Kif


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