Crimea is an area we don’t come across much- more’s the pity since it’s obviously so very beautiful. Located in the very north and centre of the Black Sea, south of the Ukraine and north of Turkey, Crimea is a peninsula with a subtropical climate. Russian royals chose Crimea’s mountainous south in which to build their summer palaces, which will give you some idea of the area’s natural beauty. The styled wedding we have for you today takes place along the coast overlooking the Black Sea, captured by Alexander Santi. There is just something so romantic about a beach wedding, and this one is full of lovely purple and pink details, beautiful calligraphic stationery and a bridal gown to die for. Julia of JRweddings, organiser of the event, says:

“We wanted to portray the first meeting of the groom and the bride: such a timid and touching moment! We chose this location very carefully as we wanted one that would emphasise the stark emotion, and sunset as the time for the ceremony was not chosen by accident. Soft rays of the setting sun became a harmonious addition to the whole concept of the wedding day.”

Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0010 Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0008Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0007 Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0009 Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0012Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0011 Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0002 Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0006Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0005 Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0013Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0004Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0003 Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0014 Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0001Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0000Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0015 Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0017Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0016Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0018 Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0020Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0019 Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0023 Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0021Crimea Styled Wedding by www.alexandersanti.com_0022

Photography: Alexander Santi | Organisation & Concept: JRweddings | Decor & Florals: Zeffir Decor | Dress and Boudoir Dress: The Ivory Silk | Suit: Patrik Man | Makeup & Hair Stylist: Kolibri | Calligraphy: | Models: Marina & Maksim

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