What compels a couple to pick a country for their destination wedding? Yesterday we featured a beautiful inspiration shoot from Portugal in which the vendors looked at the notion of what it means to be Portuguese. Their starting point was the concept of “fado” or destiny: their journey and identity as a country, their customs and what is passed from one generation to the next. We love this idea: of going beyond the literal landscape and scenery as the deciding factor in choosing a wedding destination. Today we’d love to share the video from this shoot, featuring a beautiful traditional “Fado” sung with the accompaniment of Portuguese guitar music. We just love this.

“In the end, besides our landscapes and our people, we wanted to share a little bit of who we are and what makes us special. This peculiarity cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and it’s the perfect reason to come to Portugal and marry among us.”

Video: Shot & Cut Films | Production, Concept & Styling: Como Branco Wedding Concept | Fado Music: Fados Fora de Portas | Sound : José Baptista | Photography: Gloria Aguiam Fotografas | Venue & Styling: Quinta do Hespanhol | Dress: Vestidus Atelier | Makeup: Makeup Martist | Hairstyling: Urbann’chic Hairstudio |  Acknowledgements: Tasca do Chico

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