Today’s beautiful Italian couple Aurélien and Marine very cleverly opted to have the best of both worlds. A civil ceremony in their home town in Italy, followed by a religious ceremony in France- with 220 guests. Their stunning Drôme Provençale wedding was held at the new Domaine de Sarson, an absolutely jaw dropping venue. We are just so happy that the very talented folk from Capturelife Photography were there to capture every last beautiful little detail because now we get to share it with you!

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As is the case with so many loving relationships, Aurélien and Marine first locked eyes from behind their desks…

“We met at work in Paris 7 years ago. We quickly became friends but at that time we were both already in a relationship. A few years later, as Aurélien shifted back to Milan, we started to get closer together and started a relationship between Paris and Milan. After a few weeks it became obvious that we were meant to be together.”

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“Aurélien asked me to marry him in November 2011 in Florencia, on Santa Trinita bridge (in front of Ponte Vecchio bridge). That afternoon, before he surprised me with his proposal,  I had told him that all these wedding proposals on Ponte Vecchio bridge were a bit of a cliché. He was quick and smart enough to do it on another bridge!”

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“The first difficulty we had when planning our destination wedding was finding a place that could fit 220 people. The south of France, especially the Drôme region was our favorite since it was the closest to Italy and we have some family there. Then we did not want a château; we looked for something more informal but still elegant, where we could have a lot of people sleeping nearby and when we found Domaine de Sarson, we knew it was the perfect place .”

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“It took us 8 months to plan and get everything ready and I must say we were lucky to get everything done. The location was the most risky part; when we booked the reception venue they were completely refurbishing the place and the end of the work was scheduled  for only 2 months before our wedding day! The day before the wedding, there was a strong wind but we made the decision to stick to our outdoor wedding plans and it paid off.”

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We love hearing about our featured couples’ most memorable moments and for both Aurélien and Marine, theirs were at the church:

Aurélien: “When I got to the church, the atmosphere I found was so cheerful, enthusiastic and lively. I also loved the dinner reception, the speeches and the loooong night with our friends and family!”

Marine: “Getting ready with my witnesses was very memorable for me. Also, when I walked into the church with my dad wearing my dress, the look of Aurelien seeing me for the first time and my cousins playing “I Will Follow Him” at the end of the mass was amazing. Our fathers’ speeches and the male witnesses wearing Superman pants will always stay with me!”

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Aurélien and Marine’s advice for other couples planning a destination their wedding was quite simple but incredibly sound:

“We simply loved our wedding day. It was full of emotion and one of our only wishes was that maybe we could have taken even a few more days off beforehand to manage our to-do lists! We didn’t see each other before getting to the church and the moment when we saw each other was so full of emotion that we know we will remember it for a long time. We were thankful for our photo shoot just after the church, it was good way to get together and get some rest. And finally, we found that the time went so fast so don’t hesitate making dinner plans for the day before with your closest friends and family. We booked another place nearby (Mas the Pantai) for this. We also gathered the people we love the day after and organised an Italian brunch with a pizza truck and we really appreciated spending some more time with our guests around the pool.” 

Thanks so much to today’s amazing couple and their wonderful photographers, Capturlife Photography. Be sure to click on their websites below for some more information!

Photography; Capturelife Photography | Ceremony Venue; Church of Richerenches | Reception Venue; Domaine de Sarson | Florist; Jean Louis Amice | Catering; Traiteur Philippe Mercier | Wedding Dress; Celestina Agostino | Groomswear; Jean-Jacques Cérémonie | Bridal Jewellery; Amanda Judge | Hair and Make Up; MLS – | DJ; Garden Party

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