Cailey and Logan met in Hawaii before moving to California and finally ending up on the Greek island of Crete where they had their dream wedding. The couple wanted a celebration that embodied the simplicity of Crete and included their favourite beach, so they decided on a beach wedding picnic. Cailey and Logan were delighted they chose the team at Crete for Love to plan their wedding as they created a beautiful and stress-free day exactly as the couple envisioned.

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“Cailey and I met at a birthday party while living in Hawaii back in 2010. I was living there for work and she had just finished college. The instant we began talking I knew she possessed something I couldn’t explain. I had honestly never met a more beautiful person and to this day, there is no other women in the world more beautiful than Cailey! The night we met we stayed up all night laughing. We both jokingly said we became addicted to each other- we were literally inseparable from that point forward. We fell in love instantly and have lived a honeymoon ever since. The next two years in Hawaii were amazing- I got to share an amazing place with the love of my life. When I decided to take a job in California, there was no question she would be by my side. We spent two years there and I was offered a job in Crete. Unfortunately, we would have to elope if she were to come with me due to visa requirements. I never got to give her the wedding she deserved. Shortly after leaving for Greece, Cailey agreed to allow my children from a previous marriage to live with us. We literally became a family overnight! This also shows the type of person she is. She accepted my past and always looked towards the future. I knew I owed her the wedding of her dreams.


We didn’t come up against any challenges- Crete for Love handled every single step with finesse. We wanted something that embodied the simplicity of Crete. Our favorite beach was a must! We had met some amazing friends while living there and thought a simple “beach picnic” shared with these friends would capture the moment the best. The best decision we made was to ensure the days leading up to the ceremony as well as our special day were as stress free as possible. Cailey was sent to an amazing boutique, set up by Crete for Love, to choose her dress. The day of the ceremony, she was sent to a salon in historic Chania to have her hair done and was treated like a princess. Prior to our arrival, our guests met at a small beach-front tavern with the team from Crete for Love. Upon our arrival, everyone was there with a cold drink in their hand. The team from Crete for Love made everything seem so comfortable and relaxed. It was like having them as guests on our special day! We let loose a bit, and enjoyed our company before strolling up the white sand beach to find our special spot.


We have absolutely no regrets: we simply explained what we wanted and the girls from Crete for Love made it happen. My best advice is to simply get a good planner and let them work their magic. A wedding shouldn’t be stressful- it should be a magical day spent with the ones you love in a location that embodies that love. The Crete for Love team knew how to make that happen every step of the way. We are so thankful that we have such amazing photographs and a video that captures our day perfectly.”

Photography: Andreas Amarkakis | Wedding Planner & Videography: Crete for Love: Weddings & Romantic Events in Crete | Venue: Stavros Beach | Hair: Greg | Bride’s Dresses: Xamam | Bride’s Accessories: Iro Garofalaki

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