Today we have a very beautiful wedding to share with you: the garden celebration of Justin and Shavana, a young couple from Guayana living in Toronto. Shavana and Justin decided to get married in Barcelona because it was the city in which their love began. The couple’s closest friends and family joined them in Spain for their special day, travelling from Guayana, Toronto and New York. The group spent a week in Barcelona enjoying the city and food, and their gorgeous celebration was captured by Mireia Navarro Photography.

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“My husband Justin and I met in Toronto, Ontario while working at an advertising company. We were dating for over three years when he asked me to marry him. Justin proposed on October 12th 2014 on a bridge close to our first home, The Humber Bridge, which is my favorite place to go for walks.


Deciding on a wedding destination was easy! The first place we travelled to in Europe was Barcelona and that’s where we initially fell in love. After our first trip exploring the beautiful city we came to two conclusions: 1) We were going to spend the rest of our lives together and 2) Someday we would move to Spain and never look back! Deciding on a location and venue in Barcelona was quite difficult and after extensive research we got into contact with Petra from Pearl Sandals. We were so thankful to finally get in touch with someone in Barcelona that spoke English and had lots of recommendations for all our needs. We decided to have our wedding ceremony at Sentroma because of our love of history, lush greenery, vineyards and wine. We decided to have our reception at Hotel Neri “Roba Estesa” restaurant because of the amazing location, great views and of course, DELICIOUS food. We met with the restaurant manager for our taste testing a couple of days before the wedding and we were treated like royals. We were then able to make changes to the menu to accommodate our guests.


The best decision we made was finding Petra at Pearl Sandals and trusting her from miles away to plan our special day. She recommended excellent vendors that we were so pleased with. The most memorable moments of our special days in Barcelona was our wedding day but also a photo shoot we arranged prior to our wedding with the talented Mireia Navarro. We absolutely loved walking around and taking photos in different areas we love and appreciate in the city. We were very happy with all the decisions we made leading up to our wedding. Our celebrant James Humber was also wonderful and very personable. He took the time to get to know us months leading up to the wedding and wrote a wonderful ceremony speech that described us so well. Everything added up perfectly to make our wedding so special and lots of fun!


My advice for someone looking to get married in Barcelona is to find a great wedding planner that will dedicate their time to planning your special day like Petra did for us. Also, find a photographer like Mireia that understands your needs and personalities which will shine through in your photos. You want to feel prepared, comfortable and pleased with all vendors on your wedding day! That’s what made our day so special and truly enjoyable.”

Photography: Mireia Navarro Photography | Wedding Planner: Pearl Sandals | Celebrant: James Humber | Venue: Sentromà Tiana | Flowers: Vidiella Flors | Reception: “Roba Estesa” at Hotel Neri | Hair: Pinups & Pimps | Cake: Barcelona Cakes

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  1. Mireia Navarro

    It was so easy to photograph this couple because they were so in love and they are very nice. We really had a good time!!! And Petra arranged everything so perfectly!! Hope you come back to Barcelona soon!

    • Mireia Navarro

      Thanks Jules Bridal Jewellery! The venue and floral decoration was amazing


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