As I mentioned yesterday, I am currently in Barcelona as a guest at Barcelona Bridal Week. As a press partner for Barcelona Turisme and XXL Comunicacion, it’s my “job” to cover the fashion shows taking place, spend some time getting to know various wedding venues around the city and attend special parties in places like Palacio Real de Pedralbes.. I know. A tough, tough gig #saidnooneever.

On evening one, we (I am in great company with Elizabeth from Bridal Musings, Julie from Brides Up North, Yolandi representing So You Are Getting Married, Jen from Green Wedding Shoes. Ally from Inspired by This Blog and Karissa and Jess from The Lane all attending the same events) had the pleasure of sitting front row at the opening show, Rosa Clara. My battery died a few hours before the show began so I don’t have any to share until next week but let me tell you, it was truly wonderful. Today was a bit of a fashion marathon as we attended 9 shows with the last one finishing at a very special 25 year anniversary party at Palacio Real de Pedralbes.

We will be covering the shows next week but for today, I wanted to share with you a few sneak peeks of my favourites from each collection. I’m no photographer so you will have to forgive the shaky iphone images for this week. We just couldn’t keep all the prettiness to ourselves for that long.

Cristina Tamborero started off our morning with stunning collection of flowing gowns and beautiful back detail.

Barcelona Fashion_0001

Natalie Capell followed with a very different stylised collection. Simple sihoulettes and soft fabrics with beautiful overlays and subtle detailing.

Barcelona Fashion_0002

At twelve o’clock we sat on the sides at Miquel Suay. It was so great to see marriage equality represented at this show. Dresses were beautifully embellished, the boys were also given a look in and hair in general, I enjoyed the styling of this show.

Barcelona Fashion_0003

Next up was Sabrina Saree and her collection was a breath of fresh air after a sea of white. Colour dominated the runway and interesting headpieces were on display.

Barcelona Fashion_0004

Just before breaking for lunch came one of my favourites of the day, Jesus Peiro. The styling was so beautiful, earthy, glitzy and glam all at the same time. It was just so unexpected. I’m looking forward to giving you the full run down on this show next week!

Barcelona Fashion_0005After lunch came Yolan Cris, my absolute favourite of the day. I’m a magpie so I was so enamoured by the detailing of this collection. Quite daring at times, it was so tastefully done. A winner for me.

Barcelona Fashion_0006

Barcelona Fashion_0007

Although Isabel Sanchis didn’t scream bridal for me personally, I absolutely adored this show. A symphony of bright colours and some of the most amazingly structured dresses I’ve ever laid eyes on, it was surprise after surprise and a great way to start winding down the day!

Barcelona Fashion_0008

Rounding off our evening at Fira Barcelona Gran Via was Immaculada Garcia. It was quite a mix but I particularly enjoyed all the flowing billowing gowns and rustic vibes at the start of the show. It got a lot more glam as it went on and a really great way to end our day here.

Barcelona Fashion_0009

Our day ended quite spectacularly at the Palacio Real de Pedrables for the 25th anniversary show. Featuring 25 iconic gowns over the 25 years from 25 different designers, it was such an honour to be in attendance. Being able to stand in the Palace itself on such an occasion was just so special and the perfect way to round off the day.

Barcelona Fashion_0010

We have another jam packed day planned for today starting with Cymberline so check out our instagram, twitter and facebook feeds for updates throughout the day!

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