If you are following us on your social pages you’re probably noticed that we are currently living it up in Spain at Barcelona Bridal Week 2015. We reported back on our first full day yesterday and today, we are delighted to bring you round two. We had another jam packed day yesterday but it started as it was to go on with a really beautiful, (but maybe a bit too traditional for me) collection by Cymbeline.

Barcelona Fashion_0011

I can’t say that I was familiar with the next designer, Isabel Zapardiez but I’m so glad I was introduced to her work yesterday and I fell especially in love with two of her pieces, a slinky beaded gown and a warm long sleeve dress perfect for colder months. The detail in this collection was something else. Two bridal capes that looked to be raincoats also featured which was a first for me!

Barcelona Fashion_0012

Ana Torres was next up and my goodness, was it a fiesta. An amazing Cuban performer sang her way through the show and had everyone one their feet dancing and clapping along by the end. It was so complimentary to the bright, colourful and dramatic pieces that were showcased and at times, it was quite difficult to decide whether we should be looking at the gowns or clapping along to the music!

Barcelona Fashion_0013

Quite a classic bridal collection featured before lunch with Cabotine offering up a line of beautifully laced and sequin detailed fitted silhouettes. The show soon broke into colour and bold prints took to the catwalk to finish.

Barcelona Fashion_0014

We got quite the welcome back after lunch with the most dramatic and entertaining show of the week so far. While I struggled to find anything in the Jordi Dalmau collection that I liked at all, it was amazing to see such colour, vibrance and theatrics on the catwalk. Detectable trains, massive tulle skirts in shades that would literally blind you and make up that would not help you sleep at night.. it really was incredibly entertaining. Totally appreciated it, but not for me.

Barcelona Fashion_0016

Matilde Cano on the other hand stole my heart. Billowing, Grecian gowns with floral shoulders and statement headpieces just glided down the runway like a dream. I am such a lover of detail and this collection had it in abundance. I’m so excited to share it in full next week.

Barcelona Fashion_0015

Marco and Maria were hands down, my favourite during the day. The entire collection was the stuff dreams are made of. Feathers, structured panelling and embroidery detail against soft, lightly coloured fabrics meant that this collection was very unique and a step ahead.

Barcelona Fashion_0017

Barcelona Fashion_0018

The last two shows of the night were presented by Patricia Avendaño and Sonia Peña. Some bridal featured in the first of the two collections but both had a stronger emphasis on cocktail wear and bold colours and exciting prints took to the floor.

Barcelona Fashion_0019 Barcelona Fashion_0020

My favourite of the day was Marco and Maria followed closely by Isabel Zapardiez and I just can’t wait to share the proper images and do a full synopsis on both of these next week. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!

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