It’s a great day when you finally get to share a wedding in one of Irelands most beautiful and historical homes. This Bantry House Wedding by Katie Kaizer is perfect in every way, with breathtaking views of the locality and house only being overshadowed by the happiness on todays couple, Rita and Paul. This is one wedding we will keep coming back to for inspiration!
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From the Bride, Rita

“Paul and I noticed each other at work. We worked for different companies doing the landscape at the same project. I did the gardens and Paul cut the lawns and hedges. I noticed Pauls biceps and he noticed that I was wearing yellow rain pants in sweltering 80 degree summer weather (I was pulling out poison ivy). We ended up at the same bar later that night, coincidentally, and I introduced myself….with the wrong name and gave him a fake number. But he saw the potential thankfully and here we are ten years later.

Paul proposed to me while I was pouring coffee and fifteen minutes before he got on the boat to go back to Ireland for two weeks. Very romantic…..

We knew our American friends and family would be up for travelling to Ireland so we decided to get married there. We also felt the locations we had in mind spoke more to our love of the ocean and nature than the places that would make sense in the States. Plus, we love Ireland so much we really wanted to share it with everyone. 

We both love West Cork and in particular Glengarriff and once we saw The Lodge and Silver Birch (the accommodations) we knew it had to be there. They were both out of fairy tales.

We had an atypical Irish wedding in an atypical time of year (as in October weather is entirely unpredictable and tends towards being cold and wet). Once we really realised the logistics of not having a church/hotel wedding which is the typical Irish combo we had to figure out how and where we could accommodate 150 people both for a ceremony and a party comfortably. Thankfully, we stumbled across the Bantry House and Silver Birch which were incredible places to be. We just wanted it to be relaxed and full of music, good food and good people. We also wanted it to focus on people getting to know each other which is why we chose the accommodation we did. We have so many wonderful friends and family members from different places all over the world…a one day wedding event would have never been enough time.

We didn’t use a planner but lord I wished we had. It was one of our only regrets. If I had to do it again I would hire one…not so much to define the details of the wedding but someone to make sure everything got done, organised and on time. We spent a lot of time away from friends and family because we took it all on ourselves.

The best decisions we made were choosing Bantry House for the reception, Silver Birch for the party and accommodation and then the party. We had two bands and two DJs AND without a doubt probably the best decision was Katie Kaizer (not that she let me decide…so more, the most incredible serendipitous moment was reconnecting with Katie the Spring before we got married where she said she would come and shoot our wedding). The truth is we would have never spent the money on a photographer. But to understand now what we would have missed out on makes my stomach sink.

The most memorable moment for me was the way the light was moving across the Kerry mountains as we drove from the ceremony to the reception. That and eating wood fired pizza at midnight after dancing our socks off….thanks to our good friend Hendrik.”

Photography; Katie Kaizer | Ceremony Venue; Bantry House | Reception Venue; Silver Birch House | Stationary; Neuks Ink | Catering; Divas Café, Bakehus | Wedding Dress; Lily Saratoga | Shoes; Modcloth | Brides Jewellery; Hannah Blount | Wedding Celebrant’ Dara Malloy | Décor Hire; Red Penguin | Music; The Eskies

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