The hunt for the wedding band is on and I’m finding it so so difficult! I have, what I think, the most beautiful oval diamond engagement ring with a super skinny band and being totally honest, I don’t want to put anything with it. I just love the slim band and everything I’ve paired with it just bulks it up. So, I’m thinking of either swapping my engagement ring to my right hand or putting my wedding ring on my right hand and getting something completely different. I know it’s not the the traditional thing to do. But, I don’t actually care. I’m pretty sure it won’t make us any less married!

I’ve been searching for a while and I’m a fan of two options. The first, we are sharing today. I am a bit obsessed with baguette diamond wedding and engagement rings.

The baguette diamond is rectangular and have step like cuts quite similar to an emerald diamond shape. The cut usually has 24 facets and is generally a lot cheaper than other diamond shaped ring. I have tried on a few and because they are generally larger in size, they aren’t sitting well with my engagement ring but they are a dazzler on my other hand.

The shape of the diamond makes it so versatile in a setting and I’ve rounded up a selection of baguette diamond engagement ring styles and a few possible baguette diamond wedding bands.

For me, they are just a little bit different but so beautiful and striking and a real contender. You might laugh, but their competition is a really, really skinny gold band. Very different I know but I’m either all skinny or good a thick. Nothing in between!

Baguette Rings_0001 copy

Image Credits and Where to Buy; Pukka | Luxe de Luxe | Heidi Gibson Designs | Rosados Box Platinum Baguette Rings_0005 copy

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Gold Baguette Rings_0006

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