Well I blinked and missed another weekend and suddenly it’s four weeks till my wedding. At this stage a full week is slipping by in the space of what seems like a day and it’s getting a little scary! So today the tips we have to share with you are all about avoiding jet lag. Although for our big day we’re rather selfishly making our guests fly to us, of course usually a destination wedding involves the whole wedding party flying to another country. And we know that the farther you go from home, the more jet lag you’ll potentially have to get over before you can start to fully enjoy yourself. Even a trip of a few hours can disturb your time patterns and leave you feeling more tired than normal, groggy or even a little disorientated. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks for you to help minimise the discomfort.

Avoiding Jet Lag

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Fly Comfortably

✈ Preparing for Flight

Check your airline seat online the day before you fly. If I intend to sleep I’ll always try and get a window seat (plus it’s fun to be able to see out). Aisle seats and emergency exit rows are better for those who need more legroom. Check whether there will be a meal served during the flight: you might still want to bring your own snacks just in case. Airline meals have improved in the last few years but are still not anywhere near haute cuisine. Regarding what to wear for the flight- we know you’re flying to your wedding and want to look great, but our advice is not to go for full make up, tight clothes and high heels. Go for comfort wherever you can. You’ll have enough time to look glamorous when you get there! You can always bring a set of clothes to change into at the airport when you arrive. I find that it’s usually hot in the plane waiting to take off but cold during the flight itself, so wearing loose layers of clothing is the best way to deal with this. Keep make up to a minimum- using tinted moisturiser rather than heavy foundation is a good idea. Don’t forget to pack essentials in your hand luggage- wet wipes, moisturiser, lip balm, deodorant, toothbrush, make up basics (keep in mind your bag getting lost or delayed). For a refresher see our guide to packing for a destination wedding AND don’t forget to bring your wedding dress onboard!

Avoiding Jet Lag

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Above are a few layer options for the plane, not only are these extra comfy but each is from an environmentally conscious fashion brand. Comfort for mind and body!

✈ Save Your Skin

The most important product to bring is moisturiser- flying is so dehydrating, especially for hands, and I’d be seriously lost without it. Face moisturiser does not work well on my hands so I always make sure to bring proper hand moisturiser. The one I’m using at the moment is Shea Butter Hand Repair by Burt’s Bees, I like it but I just know there has to be a better one out there (I’d be SO grateful if anyone has favourites they’d like to share!) If  you plan on sleeping during the flight and are comfortable taking your make up off, it looks a lot better if you re-apply when you wake up rather than sleeping in it (guilty of not taking my own advice here I must admit! Too unused to being without make up in public- a habit I wish I could break). Drink as much water as possible and avoid alcohol if you can. Again, guilty here… I sometimes get a little stressed out by flying and find a glass or two of wine calms the nerves and helps me nap. It does make me feel extra dehydrated when I wake up though- it’s all about finding your own balance I guess!

Avoiding Jet Lag

Eye Mask: Naomilingerie

✈ Sleep

Many find this impossible on flights, for me it usually isn’t a problem (I can pretty much sleep anywhere!) but if you can, try to get some. If you’re super organised, make time for some exercise the day of the flight which will tire you out. If the flight’s not full, there might be a chance there is a row of seats free where you can stretch out- no harm in asking an attendant. There are sleep aids which will help- neck pillows are especially good if you’re stuck in a middle seat, eye masks, ear plugs, and that extra jumper or poncho is great as a pillow. Remove contacts before you get on the plane to stop the discomfort of your eyes drying out. If you often get dry eyes it might be worth bringing eye drops for the flight. Bring a good book to distract your mind. That the book is good is essential- if I’m not engaged I will sit there looking at it but thinking of all the things I forgot to do/bring. My other half just takes a sleeping pill on a long flight if it’s an overnighter. He travels a crazy amount with work though so is usually up for the simplest and most effective option!

✈ Move Around

On a longer flight it’s essential to get up a few times. Yep, it’s a little annoying if you’re stuck in a middle seat but you’ll most likely be making a trip or two to the bathroom so take your chance and walk around for a little when you do. This will stimulate your circulation and reduce the chance of swollen or painful feet and ankles. Moving around while in your seat is a good idea too- here are a few in-flight exercises you can try.

Avoiding Jet Lag

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After Arrival

✈ Time Zone Adjustment

Do your utmost to help your body adjust to the time zone into which it has arrived. If you’ve arrived in the afternoon or early evening, try to stay up until bedtime without a nap. If you really need to, take a short nap of 20-30 minutes which will leave you feeling refreshed but shouldn’t affect your tiredness later on. When you are settled into your accommodation take some exercise; whether it’s a walk on the beach or some time in the hotel pool or gym. The more time spent outside in the sun the sooner you will adapt, as light is the primary source the body uses to adjust its inner clock. British Airways has a jet lag calculator that will help you with when you should be seeking and avoiding daylight.

Avoiding Jet Lag

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Hope these tips have been helpful, we’d love to hear if any of you jet setters have any special tricks that work best for you!

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  1. Sukey

    These are such great tips – saving this for my next trip! ( And I want that adorable sleeping mask for everyday use!)

  2. Angelica

    I have never traveled internationally and will be flying to Italy next year so these tips are wonderful. My dad has health issues so your advice on staying hydrated and walking around on the plane to avoid swelling was really great!

    PS – I have really dry hands in the winter and L’Occitane has the BEST hand lotions, Verbena and Lavender

    • Amy

      I’ll have to try L’Occitane Angelica, thanks so much for the tip!! I have majorly dry hands and flying kills them altogether! :-/

  3. Sidra {Rubies and Ribbon}

    These are great tips! Another one I’d suggest is to book a destination that’s in the same time zone as home, but just further south in a warmer climate. If you only have 1 week off from work, the last thing you want to do is be jet-lagged on your wedding/honeymoon!


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