Edith and Joakim married on a beautifully clear autumn day in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Since they’re both from the city it was important for them to have the wedding there, even though they met in a different part of the country. We love the beautiful lace detailing on the back of Edith’s gown, as well as the fact that it was Edith that proposed to her future groom with flowers and champagne! More from Joakim below on their story and big day, but first these lovely images by Annelie Johansson.

Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0032Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0006Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0029Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0030Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0008Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0014Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0011 Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0010Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0012Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0003Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0023Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0022Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0001Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0025Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0018Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0024Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0031Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0016Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0015Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0000Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0028Stockholm Wedding with Annelie Johansson_0027“Edith and I met while I was in med school in a town called Linköping (two hour drive from Stockholm). We met at mutual friend’s annual party always hosts every October. We pretty much fell in love at first sight but it was complicated- for the first year it was a long distance relationship. As the time went on though Edit could begin staying longer periods of time and eventually she also moved to Linköping to study Psychology. Edit proposed to me one winter’s morning with lots of flowers and champagne in our bathroom. Since we’re from Stockholm it was important to us to that we have the wedding there. The wedding was initially supposed to take place in April but for several reasons we were forced to move it to the fall. As it turned out we both were more happy with a fall wedding; Edit had just graduated and had a lot more time and focus, we both love the colours of the fall, and we thought that people wouldn’t be as disappointed if the weather wasn’t so nice. When the day finally arrived it was almost perfect; there was a bit of warmth in the air with the leaves just changing colour. Since the wedding our family has grown by one with a son (Per) who is now ten weeks old and laughing, playing and eating!”  Photography: Annelie Johansson | Venue: Hotel Rival | Bride’s Dress: Ida Lanto | Bridesmaid Dresses: Mint & Berry | Shoes: Church’s English Shoes | Groom’s Attire: La Chemise & Tiger of Sweden | Shoes: Marzio

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