Todays ancient masseria wedding inspiration in Apulia is just the right amount of beautiful to get this first week of April started! Created with very traditional Italian influences at the forefront of the design, Apulia was the immediate choice when it came to location scouting. A place where authentic meets contemporary and where elegance is handcrafted by local tradesmiths, it is a source of endless inspiration and design ideas for a destination wedding. Chiara Natale rounded up these wonderful local creatives in order to blend their art and passion for textiles and design with the atmosphere of the masseria, a place where she describes as being suspended in time.. somewhere between yesterday and today. Sounds totally dreamy to me and these beautiful images capture a hint of that magic. 

Photography; Chiara Natale | Venue: Masseria Sanrà | Wedding Dress: Lucy & Angy | Event Design: Happy Days Weddings and Special Events | Model: Giada


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