When I first saw these images they made me sigh they’re just so beautifully romantic, so quintessentially English. The backdrop, the dresses and the styling compliment each other wonderfully. The images were captured by Claudia McDade, a US based photographer, on location at The Pergola and Hill Garden in Hampstead Heath, London. A rose by any other name…

My inspiration for the shoot came from the dresses! These vintage dresses are just amazing! The designer Cheryl Taylor (she is from London but she lives in the States now) has the cutest Vintage Bridal Boutique in Roswell, USA. The dresses are handmade, and she uses the best fabrics from France, Italy, Asia and the UK. When I saw these dresses I knew I had to find a great location for this shoot. Cheryl dresses are unique, and they were absolutely perfect for the location.

The shoot took place at The Pergola and Hill Garden in Hampstead Heath. The Pergola is one of the hidden delights of Hampstead Heath in London, It was the dream of William H Lever, later Lord Leverhulme, a wealthy idealist, patron of the arts, architecture and landscape gardening, and Thomas Mawson, landscape architect. The  construction began in 1905 and was completed shortly before Lord Leverhulme died in 1925. It was designed for garden parties and summer evenings strolls.
This place is beyond amazing, the history, the architecture, the gardens, everything about this place says magnificent Georgian extravagance. I can only imagine the fancy garden parties and summer evenings at this place. I wanted to somehow recreate that in my images and add romance and passion to this fairy tale place.

Photographer: CMcDade Photography | Location: The Hill Garden, London, UK | Dresses & Accessories: Taylor Clarke Bridal | Hair Stylist: Megan Odgers | Mua: Justyna Ilcuzuk | Models: Victoria Emslie & Luca Moscato

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