Today we thought it might be interesting for you to see the inspiration board that was created for Amy, our own Fly Away Bride’s, Blue Ridge Mountain wedding. When you spend your days looking at beautiful inspiration on blogs, Pinterest and in print, it makes things that bit harder when you try to define your own wedding vision… I know all about it as I am trying to decide myself how my own wedding is going to look this summer. Amy knew she wanted something quite chilled out, low key but timeless and slightly rustic, but even deciding colours was a challenge. When you are so personally and emotionally attached to an event, it can become incredibly difficult to make big decisions as you naturally worry about making the right ones. I thought I had a fair idea of what she wanted and I remember Amy flirting between blush and sage green but we were both finding it hard to marry the colours and ideas. I was working my day job at the time and sitting at the airport in London with a few hours to spare, I took to Pinterest to start fresh. Taking one image I knew that Amy really liked (the bottom right), I found a starting point and soon, late summer fruits and colours were being thrown into the mix. I remember nervously sending Amy the board as it wasn’t quite in line with what we had chatted about at the beginning but thankfully, she loved it. It featured her colours, it was seasonal but not overly so and so we went with it and set about planning the details from there. Long farm-style wooden tables were decorated with bowls of seasonal blackberries and figs. Lush greens foraged from the grounds at Hawksdene were used in the bouquets and centrepieces. The dark berry tones (that neither of us had ever considered at the beginning) complemented the blush bridesmaid dresses and stationery and tied the palette together perfectly.


Jose Villa | Laura Murray | Rylee Hitchner | Jen Huang | Photographer Unknown via You Are My Favourite PartiesJose Villa  |Laura Murray | Erich McVey Jose Villa

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  1. Amy/Bride Chic

    The blush pinks are incredible fused in with the backdrop. Especially love the long table full of guests enjoying this beautiful landscape


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