I’m a little smug today because in exactly four months time I will be honeymooning in todays out of this world location. I didn’t think it was possible to heighten my excitement but when Kirsty and Fergs wedding at Villa Cimbrone on Italy’s Amalfi coast landed into my inbox, I may have danced a little. OK, I danced a lot. The way in which Oli Sansom captured their elopement is just magic. I’ve never seen wedding portrait backdrops more beautiful and as for the happy couple? Their love for each other and the place they chose to get married just shines through these images. My words can’t do this wedding justice, so I’ll leave you in the very capable hands of Oli and our bride, Kirsty.

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From the Bride

“Fergus and I have been together for nine very happy years so we know each other back to front, inside out. When we first got engaged in July 2012, we started planning a wedding in Melbourne for 100 people that quite quickly became everything that frightened us about weddings. All those people and all those details, we were flustered whenever we spoke about it as we are both such private people.

In January 2013 we decided to shift gears completely and elope to our favourite place in the world- Italy. We attended the most beautiful wedding of our very close aunt and uncle three years before in Positano on the Amalfi Coast and had fallen in love with the country. So choosing to have our wedding in Italy made perfect sense in our hearts. We worked with a wedding planner, Marry Me Abroad and it was as easy as choosing the place, sending through pictures of what we wanted, answering queries and booking our flights. All the dreaded ‘wedding drama’ that so many of our friends had warned us about seemed a million miles away. Added to that was the fact that I seemed to be missing the bride gene and didn’t feel stressed about anything to do with the wedding day, only excited to be marrying my best friend.

Fergus chose Ravello, reputed as the most beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast. We booked our flights and on June 26 we headed for Italy.

Although the original plan was for the two of us to go alone, there was an exciting development leading up to the wedding. Fergus’ mum, dad and brother asked if they could join us and suddenly the thought of Fergus’ very close family not being there seemed unthinkable. Unfortunately, my mum, dad and brother were unable to make the flight but in stepped my best friend since I was 13, Lizzie, who screamed out “Yes!!!!!” before I even finished the question. Then, our favourite Melbourne photographer, the unbelievably talented Oli Sansom, suggested that he make the special trip and everything was suddenly perfect.As it turns out, the five people we shared the day with turned out to be the most perfect combination we could have ever dreamed of- everything was meant to be.

The day itself was a dream. Relaxed, easy, us. Ferg, Lizzie and I got ready together at the stunning Villa Cimbrone and walked the 15 minutes down the cobblestone streets to the piazza to meet Mandy, Roger and Lachie. Walking that 15 minutes was the happiest, most beautiful, joyous 15 minutes of my life. It was like a dream. Local Italians and tourists stopped and cheered, “Auguri”, taking photos, watching us walk by like royalty and clapping. I have never smiled so much, felt so beautiful, or felt so much love from strangers and my husband-to-be as I did on that walk. The piazza broke out in applause as we met Ferg’s family and it is a moment I will never forget. Marrying my best friend was the most special, intimate and powerful thing I have ever done. The sun shone brightly as we approached the Ravello Mayor and he married us on the most beautiful cliff top, under a clear blue sky and mountains that seemed to whisper words of love to us also. I cannot imagine a more perfect day or a more perfect wedding. Thank you Ravello.

Photographer: Oli Sansom // Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Armani // Shoes: Jimmy Choo // Dress Designer: Lisa Gowing // Event Planner: Marry Me Abroad // Jewellery: Tejori // Event Venue: Villa Cimbrone

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