Gia and Ricky eloped from the US to Italy’s Almafi Coast, world renowned for its beauty and romance, seeking to rediscover Gia’s Italian roots in the little town of Positano. They spent the day of their wedding on a grand tour of the area and enjoyed breathtaking views from cliff top locations. We’re huge fans of Gia’s boho style gown, which was utterly perfect for their laid back elopement. Photographer Rochelle Cheever, a regular contributor to Fly Away Bride, captured the couple’s precious moments along the way.

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“Ricky and I are both from New Orleans and met through a mutual friend about nine years ago. About a year after we met, we started dating. Two summers ago, we planned a weekend getaway to the beach for my birthday. We stayed at our favorite hotel located on the bay in a quaint little town with the best views and the best restaurants. On the night of my birthday, we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant. Aftewards we decided to take a walk on the beach. Before I knew it, Ricky was on one knee with the best birthday present ever!


We chose to elope in Italy because I come from an Italian family, and we have always wanted a romantic, intimate wedding. Since we were eloping we didn’t use a planner. We chose Positano as our destination because it is one of the most romantic cities in Italy, and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. The view of the Mediterranean with the coast in the distance is gorgeous, and we wanted to make sure to have that in the background of our ceremony, which we did! Our ceremony took place on the edge of the beach just above the water on a stone ledge. Everything was perfect!


I always thought bohemian-style weddings are very chic and elegant, so that’s the theme I went for, and that’s how I chose my dress. I looked online for different styles and ideas, and I actually had my dress made to fit the look I wanted: flowy, backless, and to suit the vibe of a Positano wedding.  My headpiece, which my mother had worn at her own wedding, matched my dress perfectly. I brought my bouquet from home: my mom used dry flowers in her wedding bouquet, which she keeps in a vase on her dresser, so I took that idea and arranged some dried white roses and added some flowers from her bouquet to create mine. The rocky shore we had to navigate was the motivation behind my flat strappy bridal shoes.


Our wedding day was absolutely amazing.  We spent the morning relaxing and getting ready at the hotel, and then we toured the Amalfi Coast, visiting some of the most exquisite, hidden sites. We walked around different parts of the coast, where people on the streets cheered and congratulated us in Italian, saying, “Auguri!” It was an awesome experience! We eventually made our way down the coast to get married. We both wrote our own vows, which we exchanged on the Positano shore, and then ended the night with dinner and dessert.

The most memorable moment of our wedding day was the smile on Ricky’s face when he first saw me in my dress.  I’ve never seen his face light up that way before.  That smile didn’t leave his face the whole day! The experience was a dream come true.


My advice to other brides would be: if you are looking for romance rather than all of the attention that comes with a big wedding, elope!  There is nothing more romantic than saying, ‘I do,’ to the person you love in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  The scenery, the intimacy, the photos, the moment… it’s all so perfect!”

Photography: Rochelle Cheever | Venue: Hotel Villa Franca | Hair & Makeup: Nicole Story | Flowers: DIY | Submitted via: Two Bright Lights

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