Danielle and Andrew weren’t interested in the stress that comes with planning a wedding, so they opted for a really relaxed Algarve beach wedding instead. A party with all of their favourite people in one of the most beautiful locations in Europe, it was their dream wedding day and with flawless planning and design by Algarve Wedding Planners and talant like Matt + Lena in charge of capturing the day, it was everything they had ever hoped for and more. 

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“Andrew and I meet when we where really young. I was only 16 not long left school and he was 19 still at college, we got to know each other through a mutual friend and from them we have always been together.

We got engaged September 2013 in Mexico, Cancun, we where there on holiday. Andrew never knew how he was going to do it or what day On the third evening he found the opportunity, we went for a lovely meal, then went for a walk to the beach, he popped the question there. It was just the the two of us and it was so intimate. I was completely shocked as I never had a clue.

Soon as we got engaged I knew I wanted to go abroad. I was looking for something stress free as weddings can be, and a more relaxed atmosphere.

We decided to get married in Algarve Portugal as we been there on holidays. It was actually our very first holiday together, we just loved how beautiful it was. We wanted to get married outside and make the most of the weather as living in Northern Ireland we don’t get it very often. Once we seen the pine cliffs we just feel in love with the Tabu garden, it was so romantic and the views where unreal.

The planning was pretty relaxed, we had help with most wedding plans from algarve wedding planners, It was as if they where mind readers, and knew exactly what we wanted. They made our dream wedding come true.

I was going for a neutral look and theme, I loved just white and green flowers, and kept my bridesmaids in a pale blush colour . I loved the low back of my David Fielden wedding gown. And my favourite flowers are peonies, so I knew I wanted them in my bouquet.

We had our invitations, place cards & table plan made in Northern Ireland by The White Letter, she also made the card to our fans and we glued the sticks on and tied the ribbons on.

One of our special moments was our ceremony, it was intimate and beautiful, also thanks to Joao Jonas who made the ceremony so personal. The only way I could describe our wedding is a Dream come true, the best day! It was chilled, intimate just the what we wanted it.

My advice for future brides: Enjoy every moment as it goes by so fast. Try not to get stressed because it always works out in the end”

Photography; Matt + Lena Photography | Wedding Planner or Stylist : Algarve Wedding Planners  | Wedding Dress: David Fielden | Brides shoes: Jimmy Choo | Grooms Suit: Remus Uomo | Bridesmaids Dresses: Dessy | Rings: Murray & Co | Invitations and other stationery: The White Letter | Venue and Caterers: Sheraton Pine Cliffs | Celebrant: Joao Joanas | Band or DJ: Leonardo Russo | Video: JM Wedding Cinematography

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