I guess you can say I’ve had an amazing few weeks. The most amazing of my life in fact. I promise, when everything starts to go back to “normal” and I can’t take it anymore, I’ll blog everything about our wedding in Italy but for now, I’m still basking in it and enjoying the post wedding analysis with family and friends. I can’t actually believe I’m married, it’s a great feeling. I’ve never been as thankful as I am today though to do what we do… there is no way I could give up the wedding world and although coming back to work today marks then end of my own wedding celebrations, it’s so much easier being able to gaze over the most gorgeous of wedding shoots. This Mallorca honeymoon inspiration was put together by the dream team that is A Very Beloved Wedding and Manuela Kalupar and is only one of three parts that we will be sharing over the coming days. From the vibrant colour palette and floral details to that beautiful grey dress.. there is so much to appreciate today.

Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0001 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0002 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0003Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0004 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0005 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0006 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0007 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0008 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0009 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0010 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0011 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0012 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0013Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0014 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0015 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0016 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0017Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0018 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0019Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0020 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0021 Mallorca Wedding Inspiration_0022

From A Very Beloved Wedding

“This inspiration shoot is inspired by Mallorca´s native’s adoration to the moon and three true aspects of love: spirituality, strength to freedom and openness of the heart.

Jasmin and Alvaro, from Moon to Moon: two lovers on their honeymoon, two souls, two moons, just married and experiencing spirituality, pure wine, almonds, spices, the overwhelming power of the sea and mountains, the softness of flower fields and the timeless togetherness in the bond of marriage.

The goblets were heavy when they were brought to us,

But when filled with pure wine they became so light

That they almost flew up high with it

Just as the bodies are lifted up high by the spirits.

– Idris Ibn-al-Yaman al-Sabini al-Yabisi (Eivissa, 10th/11th century)

This poem from the Andalusian Arabic Golden Age makes us feel the taste of wine as if it were pure love, it makes us see golden light and feel freedom of our spirits. With this Trilogy, we bring this poem to life and tell the story of this two lovers experiencing honeymoon, from moon to moon.

Photographer: Manuela Kalupar  | Design & Styling, Floral Design, Props: A Very Beloved Wedding | Dress: Elfenkleid http://www.elfenkleid.com | Stationary: Herz & Co | Make-up artist: Nancy Pujo | Macaroons: Kuchen mit Stil  | Locations: Mallorca nature spots, Poblo Espanyol, Banhos arabes

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