Oh it’s officially back to work today for most of us. The wrapping paper has been put away for another year and our Christmas trees are weeping so much that the baubles are resting on the floor, it has never felt more like a Monday. So… determined to get an extra few days out of the festive season here at FAB so that we can bring some cheer to those of you looking to do anything but open up your inboxes.. we have the most beautiful snowy winter engagement shoot in Cambridge for you today, caught on camera by the lovely Ria Mishaal. For the lucky couples that engaged over Christmas and New Year… your inspiration starts here!

London Engagement

London Engagement

Today’s couple are Rachel and Henry. She’s American, he’s English and they live in San Francisco. After falling in love during their time at Kings College in Cambridge, this very special place for them was the perfect location for both their London engagement shoot and destination wedding. They met Ria Mishaal on a frosty December morning while in the UK to plan their summer wedding and although it was clearly quite chilly, the snow created such a beautiful back-drop for their gorgeous engagement photo’s.

London Engagement

Rachel lets us in on their story. “We met on my first day in Cambridge, where I had just moved to pursue graduate studies. I was struggling with three immense suitcases through the labyrithine staircases of grad student accommodation, when Henry passed me in the corridor and offered to help. I was so grateful that I didn’t even take a close look at him until later when he came and knocked on his new next-door neighbour’s door to ask if I wanted to join him and another friend for pizza. We chatted easily at dinner and discovered a mutual love of football. The next day, Henry invited me to watch a game with him and his mate at the pub: 7 hours, a wine bar, a nightclub and several drinks later, neither of us even noticed when his future best man slipped off the dancefloor and headed home. We were more or less inseparable afterwards, although both of us were reluctant to get into a serious relationship, primarily because we thought the other didn’t want to commit. A dyed-in-the-wool skeptic about love at first sight, I nevertheless remember thinking to myself on a cold evening walk through town with Henry only two weeks after meeting, “This is the one. He is going to be in my life forever.”

This happy couple got married last summer so stay tuned over the next few weeks because we can’t wait to show you their wedding on a farm in the Cambridgeshire countryside. A big huge thanks to Ria Mishaal for sharing her amazing work with us and if you want to spend a few hours today swooning over gorgeous weddings, just take a look at Ria’s blog. The emails can wait until after lunch! Love L & P x

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