We have a lovely treat for you today all thanks to a very creative couple, Joanna and Paul and one talented photographer. Joanna, an art teacher from Toronto and Paul, originally from Dublin (but living in Toronto for the past 20 years) married in Ireland last year with a beautiful wedding reception at the Station House Hotel in Co. Meath. This small intimate affair was caught on camera by Fionn McCann of Studio 33 and we are simply mad about it!

Joanna fills us in on their love story… “We’d known each other for 8 years prior to dating, we knew the same people. I didn’t fancy Paul at all, he was a little rough around the edges for me. One evening, we happened to be at the same event and he overheard me talking to some friends cursing the old garage door of the house I had just purchased because it was rusted and wouldn’t open. The next day I received an email from Paul telling me that I should take it easy on the garage door… I ended up inviting Paul to one of my singing gigs at a jazz bar in Toronto. He came with a friend and for the first time in 8 years I actually thought he was kind of cute. I guess that’s where it all began, not always a smooth ride, but what do you expect from and Irish man and a French Italian woman.”

The Station House Hotel in Kilmessan, Co. Meath is just about an hour from Dublin and for those of you thinking about Ireland for your intimate destination wedding, it’s well worth a look especially if you are looking for a chilled out space with lots of character.

“When it came time to start planning the wedding we started to look at venues in Toronto but found them to be hugely overpriced and lacking in the charm and quirkiness that we both sought. Paul’s parents are older and we knew they wouldn’t be comfortable travelling to Canada for a wedding and I was pretty sure that my mother would not be comfortable travelling to Europe. We figured for sure we would have to have 2 weddings in order to accommodate both our families but one of them would have to be considered the official event. We decided on Ireland and much to my surprise and delight, every member of my family including my mother were ecstatic about making the trip.

Choosing the venue was easy, we had friends and family that had already been to weddings at the Station House Hotel in Kilmessan and they recommended it to us. The price was very reasonable, they offered us our own wedding planner (Sarah) and the planning went as smooth as silk. Honestly, the biggest headache about planning a wedding overseas was dealing with the paperwork for obtaining a marriage license and surprisingly, trying to find a florist that could supply us with daisies. Note to any brides wanting to wed in Dublin, forget the shasta daisies!”

The dreaded paperwork. If you are finding yourself in a similar situation to Joanna and Paul and can’t seem to get the right answers, just let us know… we are pretty much on top of the whole getting married abroad thing and are more than happy to help!

Oh I LOVE the inclusion of this old Irish tradition. Irish brides used to carry a horseshoe for good luck but turned up, so that their luck wouldn’t run out. Top marks Joanna! Check out our post on Irish Wedding Traditions for a few more old traditions that you could incorporate into your Irish wedding day.

Joanna and Paul were clearly very relaxed, enjoying quality time with their guests and I for one am loving the shades! After some tea and scones, it was time to throw the bouquet… I wouldn’t like to be competing with this duo!

When we saw these pictures first, we knew that they were one stylish pair but Joanna explains that they didn’t really have a a particular look they wanted to achieve – I suppose it just shows that when you have plenty of personality and are not afraid to show it, it just happens for you. “I had never even imagined I would get married, so I obviously had very little already in mind in terms of a “vision” for my wedding day. Paul and I are a bit quirky and frugal, my style is eclectic, his a bit more conservative. There are 3 things I believe were excellent decisions on our part, the first was our choice of venue (The Station House Hotel), the second was our photographer (Fionn McCann) and the third thing was the little flags we gave to our guests. I made them myself, using my father’s antique typewriter to type the congratulatory words in French, English and Gaelic, they were an absolute hit.” And here they are – really simple, really pretty, lots of fun and easy to do. We love.

All that bouquet catching and eating yummy cupcakes is hard work – time to rest and catch up on other important news for the day.

Fionn from Studio 33 took the newlyweds to the nearby village of Kilmessan to take some cool shots. First stop was the local school.

Then it was time for Joanna to get the wellies out and for the pair to head off to the nearby wheat fields for some more amazing photographs that look like something from a movie. Blissfully romantic.

Now this is what I call a honeymoon suite. The railways old signal box! Brilliant!

Big huge thanks to Joanna and Paul for sharing their beautifully inspiring wedding with us and an equally huge thanks to Fionn of Studio 33 for sending us these fantastic pictures!

Photographer; Studio 33 | Venue; The Station House | Wedding Dress is a Bridesmaid Dress from The Dessy Group | Shoes; Nine West | Grooms Suit; Hugo Boss | Grooms Tie; Ted Baker | Bridesmaid Dresses; H & M

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  1. Elaine Phillips

    Amazing!!!! Dont you look great… It really is one of the best weddings I have ever been to, excluding mine of course!!!!!
    Love yea both
    E xxxxx

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