When it comes to wedding photography, for me the less formal and more creative the better. This doesn’t mean that they all have to be off-the-wall photos, but let’s be honest- sometimes the shots that are unexpected end up best capturing the mood of the day. Of course on the other hand there has to be a bit of posing- photos have to be set up to capture all the lovely details. With this dilemma in mind I’ve put together the types of wedding photos that seem to consistently work (a good photographer helps too of course!). So without further ado, here are 8 must have wedding photos that are on my wishlist!

The Silhouette

It’s sunset and getting dark, just the two of you… something very quiet and romantic about this type of shot.

8 Must Have Wedding Photos

The Shoes

The shoes you choose on your wedding day will be special to you forever, a great photo of them is a must!

8 Must Have Wedding Photos

Poignant Ring Shot

If a photo is taken of the rings on their own I think it’s nice if it involves something that has significance for the couple, like a musical instrument (or even a beer bottle?!) I like the one below that gets the couple into the picture as well.

8 Must Have Wedding Photos8 Must Have Wedding Photos

The Ring and Shoe

(Coz you can never have too many of either!)

Getting Ready

The “action shots” of the day.


Shadows and refections bring a poignancy into photographs of a couple. They can signify many things- that which lies ahead, the trace the couple will leave on the world together, how other people see them, how they see themselves, and lots more. Plus they look pretty!

Little Man with the Big Guys

The contrast is too cute…

The Sneaky Romantic Shot

The best ones are when they think no-one is looking.

Of course formal photos have a place as well, and the first dance.. and I’m sure I’ve missed lots more! But I’m pretty sure romantic light like this for the wedding day would be on all of our Wishlists?

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