First let me explain that we (my fiance and I) are travelling the globe looking for the best place in the World to get married! Sounds a little far fetched already right?? BUT…it gets better… to make this decision we are actually having a wedding ceremony in every country we visit! The ceremonies are not legally binding but encompass everything a ‘real’ wedding would just without signing a registry. Then, when we have finished our trip, we choose our favourite place and go back there with friends and family and officially ‘tie the knot’!

Let me tell you a little about where we’re up to so far…

The first wedding was a total surprise to me. Alex had planned the whole thing, without my knowing, for 06.06.11, the day before we left on our journey of a lifetime. I woke up with a list of jobs as long as my arm, you know the sort…you’re about to leave the country for 2 years, so finish packing up the house, change our addresses at the banks, pack our backpacks…but Alex had a different idea. He woke me up, made me breakfast, sat me down and told me I was due at the hair dressers in half an hour…and the make up artists in an hour…and the wedding dress boutique in two… and that our first wedding started at lunch time!

I laughed, cried, shouted a bit and then repeated it all over again. The wedding was being held at the Metropolitan pub, a local to us in Didsbury. The wedding party was being held in several of the fabulous bistro/restaurants/wine bars/fish and chip shops around the village. Alex had spoken to 25 local businesses who had offered their services to make our day especially special!

The service was beautiful and Alex had invited as many of our friends and family that he could manage and they had all done so well to keep it a secret. Alex’s best friend did a reading from Dr Zeus (with his own personal additions of course) and a good friend of mine read us a poem she had had written for us as a wedding gift. The whole wedding was quintessentially British. With a vintage lace gown provided by Charlotte Balbier, strawberries and cream with pimms and finishing with fish, chips and English champagne. My bouquet was English roses, sweet williams, herbs, lavender and beautiful peonies and Alex wore a grey suit with a paisley pattern waistcoat and a gold cravat. There were so many more details to add and you can find out about them all on but for the purpose of not going on for 15 pages… I think the only UN British thing of the day was the weather as the sun shone all day despite the forecasted rain!

I think the most memorable part of the day was our families being there to celebrate with us. We had already been trough the heart wrenching goodbye’s the week before and seeing them again before we set off on our trip and to be able to share that very special first wedding with them was just a dream come true.

We stayed that night in a local hotel which was just 5 minutes walk from our house and we we’re just so tired and slightly drunk that we just completely crashed out!

The next morning we walked home in our wedding clothes, packed up the rest of the house and were at the airport to start our adventure around the world all by 11am!

Since then we have been travelling for 6 months in a 24 year old camper (called Peggy), visited 6 countries and had 12 weddings. Each wedding has been truly different…here’s the run down

Wedding No. 1 ✈ Manchester, UK

As I covered already, our Didsbury secret wedding, was the first. A vintage English wedding, a mass collaboration from the independent businesses and all a complete surprise to me!

Highlights… The community feeling of the whole day and our family and friends being with us to start our incredible journey. We flew out to Canada the next day.

Photography: Jonny Draper Photography | Wedding Dress: Charlotte Balbier from The White Closet | Bridal Accessories: Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe | Makeup: Emma Draper MUA | Flowers: Didsbury Flower Lounge | King & Jones | Zoe Chiotis | And The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon | Thyme Out Deli | Frankies Fish Bar | Reserve Wine | Rhubarb Restaurant | Love to Eat Restaurant | Pinchjo’s Restaurant | The Metropolitan Bar & Restaurant | Didsbury Life

Wedding No. 2 ✈ Quebec, Canada

Chapelle St. Agnes Vineyard. We stumbled upon the amazing European inspired vineyard complete with chapel and heart shaped lake on a wine tour.

Highlights… the Vicar and his amazing service and of course the out of this World icewine produced by the vineyard.

Venue: Chapelle St. Agnes Vineyard

Wedding No. 3 ✈ Michigan, USA

Honeymoon Lake in the Upper Peninsula. Whilst visiting family they insisted on a wedding out on a boat trip in a pontoon. They packed champagne and a picnic, we found a rock, half in Michigan and half in Wisconsin in Honeymoon lake and were ‘married’ by the captain, a close family friend.

Highlights… the family around us floating in boats or in the water and the tubing afterwards!

Wedding No. 4 ✈ Banff, Canada

Warners stables. A wedding on horseback!

Highlights… Alex wearing a cowboy outfit and my first ever time on a horse!

Venue: Warners Stables

Wedding No. 5 ✈ Nanaimo, Canada

Neck point beach. The family of a couple we met travelling arranged us a wedding on the beach with a member of the First Nations Community holding the service. This is very unusual as they keep their ceremonies very private.

Highlights… the ritual and spirituality of the ceremony and meeting the people we now call our second family.

Wedding No. 6 ✈ Vancouver, USA

Vancouver, YVR airport. Jaeger Mah was helping the YVR airport celebrate their 80th year by living in the airport for 80 consecutive days and reporting on ‘airport life’. We were following him through his blog and asked if he would hold us a ceremony in the main terminal. He agreed and we had a great time. Jaegers is known for his Hawaiian shirts and we were flying to Hawaii so went Hawaii themed.

Highlights… throwing the bouquet and holding the ceremony in front of the Haida Gwaii, an important Canadian sculpture featured on the Candadian dollar. We may also be the first people to have a wedding in the main terminal but as it is not a legal ceremony will not be recognised.

Wedding No. 7 ✈ Hawaii, USA

Hawaii Big Island. Hilton Waikoloa. A traditional Hawaiian wedding with a dolphin twist. After the ceremony we waded into the ocean lagoon in our wedding clothes and met the dolphins. The reception included drinks and a three course meal at ‘Buddah Point’ at sunset and a beautiful wedding cake.

Highlights… the beautiful traditional service and sending our thoughts and wishes for friends and family back home to the Ocean on Orchids.

Photography: Photo Event Solutions | Venue: Hilton Waikoloa Village | Dolphin Trainers: Dolphin Quest

Wedding No. 8 ✈ Seattle, USA

Pike Place Market. We were only the second couple to marry at the market. A traditional style wedding but under a neon sign in the market place. Afterwards we walked the market and had fish thrown for us, flowers gathered for us and then pizza and beers with friends.

Highlights… the strangers that had gathered around to watch humming the wedding march for me to walk down the ‘aisle’ and the flower exchange during the service.

Photography: Jonas Seaman | Wedding Planner: Kelli Bielema | Reverend: Eric Warn | Florist: Eileen | Custom Made Boutonnière: Bernadette

Wedding No. 9 ✈ Los Angeles, USA

Hollywood. Vampire Lounge on Halloween. We dressed as vampires to keep in theme with the date, the bar and the wine and all our guests were in fancy dress too. We had a spiritual blessing after being serenaded by the rock god Marino De Silva. He also played us a spooky, vampish version of the wedding march.

Highlights… Marino playing, Clockwork couture providing us with amazing outfits at the last minute and having a make up artist show up to do our make up, the photographers (twin brothers) who were the coolest EVER with their vintage cameras AND having friends celebrate with us.

Photography: Brian and Brandon Wright | Venue: Vampire lounge | Musician: Marino de Silva & Victor | Reverend: Marni Martinson | Outfitters: Clockwork Couture

Wedding No. 10 ✈ Las Vegas, USA

Little White Drive through Chapel. We took a road trip from LA with some great friends/photographers (Megan and Coco from Offbeat Bride) to Vegas and decided the only way we could get married in our camper van was in Vegas. We shared the drivers seat as the vicar leaned out of the drive thru window to read us our vows!

Highlights… actually having a wedding IN the van and the Irish themed reception with friends, Guinness and steak and ale pie in an Irish pub at the casino.

Photography: Megan Finley

Lisa – 2 people1life

Check back tomorrow to see Lisa and Alex’ 11th wedding, a traditional Mayan wedding ceremony and stunning trash the dress session in their second guest blog! Wedding No. 12 coming soon!

You can follow Lisa and Alex journey on their blog

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